There’s never been an easier or cheaper way to sell your product or service than with email marketing!

Every business owner MUST use their email, the right way, to drive sales.

But the sad reality is that most people confuse email’s easy execution with effective execution.

Sometimes people push and push their offer until you don’t want to ever SEE their name again. And because it’s the “easiest” method, they’ll rush sending emails and blast out an uninspired sales message that just doesn’t get to the point.

Today’s customers are savvier than ever. They’ll sense an Ad or Promo mail from 10 feet away. (And into the trash your email goes, automatically, zero thought went into it.)



Email has the potential to offer a 3,800% return on your investment when it’s done well. You read that right - a nearly 4,000% increase.

But when it’s done poorly…

Your email list is more likely to click the “Unsubscribe” button than your message’s Call to Action.

The difference between a sales-making email machine, and a stagnant email list?

A simple, effective email campaign will activate the right people, and get those prospects to get out their credit card numbers to buy.

To The Point Content Marketing will help you create a winning email promotion that will get you the sales you’ve been looking for.

With our content marketing team on your side, we will:

  • Create a promotional calendar unique to your business, that drives sales

  • Create compelling bullets within your email copy that will capture your readers’ attention and sell

  • Craft email body copy using just 4 copy chunks

  • Write promotional emails that generate conversations

  • “Super Signature” with gradually growing steps for readers to take

Do NOT hit the send button on another email until you get our free sales email copy template.

Seriously … just don’t!

Why would you want to work hard to build your business and email lists without getting the biggest return on your investment?

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What can To The Point Content do for your email marketing needs?

Let To The Point’s expertise solve all of your content problems. We have years of experience creating digital content and strategies that work. 

What sets us apart from other content providers? 

We don’t just scribble down the first words that come to mind. We make sure every word is making an impact and working towards getting you more sales. We don’t just slap words onto the internet for others to see and make them look pretty.

If your emails sound like every other person in your industry, it’s a problem.

Not only is it undesirable, but it also makes your content highly unlikely to convert visitors into sales.

Nothing is compelling about the same using words over and over again… even if you consider those words your best selling points. 

You should know that some email writing services insert your companies name and location into their templates, move a few words around, and call it a day. No one is fooled by their half-worked efforts - not search engines and certainly not perspective customers.

At To The Point Content Marketing, we know you can’t craft unique emails by following a simple formula. We craft unique emails personalized to you and your company. 

Because you’re not like everyone else in your industry! You’re way better, and we’re going to tell people why.