5 Quick and Easy Tips for Watering Plants

Water is the essence of life.

Sometimes knowing when and how to water your plant babies can be tricky, but it's is all about paying attention.

Keeping plants alive is easier said than done - so, here are 5 quick tips to inspire you to water your plants and bring them to life:

1. Water late in the evening or early morning

Try an automatic timer to ensure your plants are always hydrated. Pay close attention to the weather to avoid waterlogging.

2. Try to keep leaves DRY while watering

Water droplets can create burn marks on leaves from sun reflection. Water on leaves could create mold or disease if left moist.

3. Dampen roots while watering

The roots absorb water for plants. Make sure as you water the roots are absorbing all the water. I suggest researching the type of plant and soil before watering to help determine how much water is truly needed!

4. Avoid waterlogging

Waterlogging your garden can result in lost crops or drained soil. Neither is pretty or have life - which is our main goal here.. See tip # 1 - Creating a watering schedule is a life-saver!

5. Sun + Water = Life

Sunlight and water are necessities for your plants! Together they work in harmony to bring your garden to life.

Following these tips daily will guarantee healthy plants and can be used as a guide while watering your garden or houseplants!

Do you have a quick tip to share?

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Here are photos of my vegetables 🥕🍅

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