Are You A Runner? Add Yoga To Your Routine!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Yoga is excellent for runners. You can get a lot of benefits by including yoga in your training routine.

As a runner, yoga will enhance your flexibility, help avoid injury and muscle soreness, upgrades your overall performance, and may help you run better and for longer.

That way you don’t have to spend hours every day performing yoga. It is advised to hit the yoga mat two to three times a week. These days, even marathon runners are acknowledging and using yoga as a great way to improve their intense training program.

Yoga can help balance endurance, boost the range of motion, and sync breathing. Yoga might make you faster and your breathing smoother. If you’re a runner and not performing yoga, you should add yoga to your workout routine.

1. Yoga Helps to Increase Strength

Runners can perform yoga to balance strength and increase the range of motion. Yoga training develops strength in the core, quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors. Yoga is a great way to activate muscles that runners don’t generally use while running. Yoga poses and postures strengthen those muscles. The reason is that yoga poses like standing in a one-legged posture require runners to use hips and glutes. Yoga helps you run fast because your core is contributing to running. Yoga involves your whole body while you run, and that’s why it strengthens muscles that are ignored while running. Yoga poses like plank pose, boat pose, cobra pose, and half-moon pose are some of the best poses to build strength.

2. Stretching Your Muscles Improves Running Posture

Yoga improves core strength and strengthens the lower back, which may lead to better overall running. There are several yoga poses emphasize hip stability, which is very good for running. In addition, yoga improves your range of motion and helps you build mental focus, stamina, and mobility. The plank pose is one of the best poses for runners. It makes postural support while running and is excellent for creating balanced strength. Tadasana or mountain pose is one of the yoga postures runners should do. It enables you to build a better posture which leads to better breathing when you run.

3. Mobility Reduces Injury in Tight Muscles

Yoga is perfect for runners to recover from injury. It decreases soreness and tension in muscles and restores range of motion, and helps you run better. Muscles of runners are typically tightened and stressed, which makes muscles imbalance. Finally, imbalanced muscles get tired and become exposed. Yoga increases stability in the body and helps runners stay injury-free. Yoga poses are also helpful for those dealing with an injury, as it supports recovery while helping you remain active. Pose like Leg up the wall relieves tension in the legs, feet, and back. It is one of the nicest yoga postures for runners. It removes swelling in the legs and helps to speed up the recovery.

4. Yoga Improves Overall Joint and Muscle Flexibility

The most important benefits of yoga are flexibility and core strength for runners. Flexibility is also essential for runners because it increases running. Yoga is beneficial to increase flexibility which improves stride length and speed. It is recommended not to stretch a lot right before you run. Instead, go for post-running yoga, which helps elongate muscles and tissue. Yoga postures stretch muscles and improve range of motion. Flexibility allows runners a great range of motion, enabling the body to move most efficiently.

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