Best Online Reading Programs in Chicago

Are you interested in an online reading program to improve your child’s reading comprehension quickly?

Sure, it’s easy to open a video, and let your child watch it for hours, but is it really helping them read?

Since many parents are teaching their children at home, we collected a list of (mostly free!) online reading programs in Chicago!


Stepping Stones Together

If you are interested in a personalized reading program, the Stepping Stones Together program provides parents and teachers with the resources (and more) they need to teach children how to read, meanwhile fostering a life-long love of reading.

This program implements literary education techniques, and child development research to ensure it is designed especially for kids.

Reading Power (North Chicago based)

Reading Power provides free online learning resources for pre-kindergarteners and elementary-level children.

It offers printable reading activities, and easy access to lessons from external online reading resources like the Khan Academy, Circle Time, and Storyline Online.

Reading Power also has its own Youtube channel with hundreds of interactive read-aloud performances by Reading Power staff.

One of our favorite tools on Reading Power’s website is the comprehensive list of educational learning shows for children. The tv-show list is categorized by age and by the specific streaming network.


SitStayRead is a non-profit organization in Chicago run by dedicated volunteers with a mission to improve children's literacy skills using a powerful curriculum, and the special help of certified emotional support dogs.

SitStayRead serves first, second, and third-grade students in Chicago's public school district. In the 2018-19 school year, 94.4% of SitStayRead students came from low-income households.

SitStayRead offers a free reading program for these children, as well as furry friends to hold when they need it. A special part of SitStayRead is that their students wrote and Published books!

These books were written by the SitStayRead students, FOR the SitStayRead students to enjoy. SitStayRead also offers unique read-aloud videos in English and Spanish (always with a furry friend!), with activity worksheets and writing prompts. SitStayRead helps students in grades K-5.

Reading in Motion

Reading in Motion is based in Chicago and serves English and Spanish-speaking students in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade.

Their mission is to help students build core literacy skills, as early in their life as possible. Reading in Motion is an organization that supports teachers, and focuses on building reading skills as early as possible, then building upon those skills.

Reading in Motion is free and they offer many online at-home resources for families to learn and develop reading skills together.

The Reading Clinic

The Reading Clinic has been open since 1980 in Chicago helping students in all grades improve reading skills by offering numerous different fun programs to teach children to read and write.

It also offers workshops to teach parents how to develop reading skills in toddlers and preschoolers.

Chicago Reading Specialist (North Chicago based)

Ran by experienced teachers and licensed early childhood professionals, Chicago reading specialists offer a holistic one-on-one approach to helping children read.

They offer online reading services tailored to each child's learning needs, specializing in helping with dyslexia.

Kumon After-School Learning Programs (In Chicago)

Kumon After-School Learning Programs in Chicago specializes in after-school reading programs for preschool children through high school.

Kumon offers virtual reading classes to help students that are struggling with reading build a solid foundation for academic success. Kumon’s program helps your child develop critical reading skills that will lead to a lifelong love of reading.


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