Herbal Glossary

Disclaimer: Herbal Glossary created for educational purposes. Credits belong to Lleweyllyn's 2019 Herbal Almanac, www.llewellyn.com.

Glossary of Cooking Herbs and Spices

Compiled by Susan Pesznecker.

Try pairing these herbs with salads, sauces, soups, salsas, stir-fry, teas, stews, or desserts!


Anise Reduces nausea, gas, and bloating. May relieve menstrual pain.

Basil Eases stomach cramps, nausea, indigestion, and colic. Mild sedative.

Borage Soothes respiratory congestion. Eases sore, inflamed skin. 

Cayenne Stimulates blood flow. Relieves joint and muscle pain.

Chamomile Used for nausea, indigestion, gas pains, and bloating. Relaxes tense muscles. Promotes relaxation and sleep.

Chervil Settles and supports digestion. Mild diuretic properties.

Chive Rich in antioxidants. Contributes to strong bones.


aka Cilantro Treats mild digestive disorders. Counters nervous tensions.

Dill Treats all types of digestive disorders.

Echinacea Supports immune function. May treat or prevent infections.

Fennel Settles stomach pain, relieves bloating, and stimulates appetite. 

Garlic Antiseptic: Aids in wound healing. Benefits the heart and circulatory system. 

Ginger Treats all types of digestive disorders. Stimulates circulations. Soothes colds and flu.

Hyssop Useful in treating respiratory problems and bronchitis. Expectorant.

Jasmine Relieves tension and provides mild sedation. It may be helpful in depression. Soothes dry or sensitive skin.

Lavender Soothes and calms the nerves. Relieves indigestion, gas, and colic. May relax airways.

Lemon Balm Soothes and calms the nerves. Treats mild anxiety and depression.

Lemon Grass Treats all types of digestive disorders. Reduces fever. May reduce pain.

Lemon Verbena Calms digestive problems and treats stomach pain. Gently sedative.

Lovage Acts as a digestive and respiratory tonic. Has antimicrobial actions.

Marigold Effective treatment of minor wounds, insect bites, sunburn, acne, and other skin irritations.

Marjoram Calms the digestive system. Stimulates appetite.

Nasturtium Strong antibiotic properties. Treats respiratory infections.

Oregano Strong antiseptic properties. Stimulates bile production.

Parsley Highly nutritious. Strongly diuretic action and may help treat cystitis.

Peppermint Treats all types of digestive disorders. It may help with headaches.

Purslane Treats digestive and bladder ailments. Mild antibiotic effects.

Rosemary Stimulates circulation. May stimulate the adrenal glands.

Sage Relieves pain in sore throats.

Spinach Iron-rich; supports healthy blood.

Summer Savory Treats digestive and respiratory issues.

Tarragon Stimulates digestion. Promotes sleep - mildly sedative.

Thyme May treat infections. Soothes, sore throats, and hay fever.

Yarrow Helps heal minor wounds. Eases menstrual pain and heavy flow.

Wintergreen Strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Winter Savory Treats digestive and respiratory issues. Antibacterial properties.

Happy Herbal Gardening!!

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