How to Upcycle Content

To encompass an effective marketing strategy and publish high-quality content, all while completed promptly, it may be essential for you and your marketing team to upcycle content. While this concept may seem difficult, tedious, and even unnecessary to some, upcycling content can allow your marketing team to produce multiple pieces in a period. Lucky for you and your marketing team, we can assist you when it comes to upcycling content promptly.

Understanding Upcycling

Before deciding to upcycle content, it is essential to have a decent understanding of what exactly upcycling content is. Upcycling content is the process of taking previous, original content and recrafting it to expand it into new content. Upcycling content is not recycling content, as the process of upcycling allows for expansion onto old content, filling it with new writing that is relevant to the current day. Whereas the process of recycling content just uses old content and publishes it in a different way than originally published.

Upcycling 101

Like I mentioned earlier, upcycling content is the process of taking original content and expanding on it to create new, relevant content. This process is not easy by any means, but if it is done properly and effectively, you can reproduce high-quality content multiple times. To upcycle a specific piece, it is essential to start with a very well-written piece of work. When an article is well written and full of information, it makes the task of repurposing the piece one step easier. Content that is ideal for upcycling should meet these standards:

Full of Insightful Information

When content is full of information, it allows the upcycled to have a better idea of new content they can create. A very informative piece allows for multiple pieces of upcycled content to be produced.


To upcycle an article, the information must be timeless. if the content you want to upcycle is outdated and irrelevant, there is no point in reproducing the content.

Includes Topics That Can Be Expanded Upon

A piece of content that is full of various topics makes it easier for a marketing team to upcycle. This allows for the expansion of the article to come in various forms and allows for more content to be produced.

Once you have ensured your article is ideal for upcycling, it is time to get to work. Make sure that when you are adding content, it is relevant information and provides meaning to the piece of work. Some marketing experts find that it may also be effective to change the format of your content when upcycling. Changing the format in which you publish a piece can also allow you to produce the content multiple times, while also making sure the content is effectively published.

Time to Get Started

Although upcycling content is not a simple task, it can be very effective for your business. Upcycling content provides many benefits for you and your business such as:

  • Fast content production

  • Relevant content produced

  • Higher content engagement

All of these benefits and more can help your business, so what are you waiting for – start upcycling content today.

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