June 2020 Book of the Month Review

The Vanishing Half,

By: Brit Bennett

A beautiful story written by remarkable storyteller, Brit Bennett.

In this story you will find yourself immersed in yet another complex, multigenerational story told from multiple points of view.

The themes she tackles are thought provoking and I found the notion of internal racism, colorist, and "white-passing" so fascinating.

Though set in different times and societies, specifically beginning in 1968, and 1983 - 1989, I found that the theme of internalizing racism, "white-passing" is still prevalent today in our society. It's completely wrong.

Many countries, India for example, prefer lighter skin over darker, tanned skin.

Why not embrace your individual uniqueness?!?

One common theme throughout the book for specific characters was conforming to society's "best" versus following personal values.

Throughout the book there is another common concept of escape and running away across many of the characters. They are running from their past, their upbringing, their abuser, even from the skin they were born into.

Have you read The Vanishing Half?

If so, keep on reading -

if not - STOP!!!!

Shield your eyes spoilers ahead!



I enjoyed how the end played out, but I am going to keeping wishing for a sequel. If I were to write the epilogue to bring the story more closure, it would go something like this:


Desiree ends the story working in a call center in Houston, Texas, with Early. But, little does Desiree know, the upbeat 30-something blonde women that is her Manager, is her niece Kennedy Sanders.


What are your thoughts on "white-passing"? How do you see this widespread in our society today?

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