How to Write a Successful Blog Post [Short & Sweet Secrets]

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Best practices are- well- just that, the best way of doing something.

Short, Sweet, and to the point is the way we do things on this site.

We like to keep it clear, concise, and straightforward—zero fluff.

That's how we write our blog posts too! Our blogs have earned the views of hundreds of like-minded people worldwide.

Short, Sweet, and to the point must be doing something write-err, Right.

Now we're sharing all of our Short & Sweet secrets with the world!

The perfect length blog post

The first thing to focus on when writing a successful blog post is the length of your post. ( Don't even try Googling this question, you're bound to find endless suggestions on the perfect size of a blog post... but listen to your gut.)

The truth is, it's not that simple to write a blog post - it's CALCULATING.

Your blog post needs to do all of the things: drive traffic to your site, position your brand as a thought leader, educate others, and engage readers.

Now, that's a lot to squeeze into a blog post – but it easily can be done - with a few short and sweet secrets...

Your post should be the length that it takes you to make your point. If you can write an engaging and informative post in 250 words, then stop there. If it takes you a few more lines to reach the same goals, then go for it!

Our clients often ask us, "how long should a blog post be?" and from the hundreds of blogs we have written, we have plenty of experience - But the sweet spot for Short, Sweet, and to the point is 500-750 words in length is the most successful.

Here are a few reasons why 500-750 words is the perfect length:

  • Readers tend to skim content online versus reading word-for-word. The more there is to read, the less likely someone is to read. That's why being concise is key to engaging your audience and grabbing their attention.

  • Articles around 500-750 words typically allow a post to accomplish all of the goals of a successful blog post. This must include a call-to-action (CTA) which will elicit a response from the reader to take the next step.

  • If an article has thick paragraphs, the reader is more likely to keep scrolling versus skim and make it to the bottom of a post to see the CTA.

With all of that being said, it can be hard to cut down on great content. You could always repurpose your blog content for social media captions. Another suggestion is to simply break it up.

If you have a great topic, split the content into two or three separate sections and post each one individually, with a teaser to the next post. This will spike interest and encourage readers to come back to your blog again and again!

You've read through over 400 words by now. Are you tired of reading this yet?

Remember as a best practice – to keep your blogs short and sweet – just long enough to make your point, and then pitch your blog and/or service.


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