How to Get Started Planting a Garden RIGHT NOW!

Do you want to plant a garden this year?

August is the perfect time to plant seeds for a November harvest. March is the perfect time to plant seeds for a June/July harvest. The warm summer air and longer hours of sunlight will help your seeds germinate, and before you know it -  you'll have a delicious harvest!

Embrace the comforts of Mother Earth and dig your fingers into the dirt, and feel the sunshine warm on your skin - It's the change of pace you are looking for compared to tapping on keyboards and staring at tiny phone screens!

In my opinion - there is truly no better time than today. Begin learning horticulture, and how to cultivate vegetables RIGHT NOW!! Because a year from now - you may wish you had started today.

I am obsessed with financial independence, and sustainable living. Not only will a fall garden help save money at the grocery store, but it is also an excellent way to enjoy healthy, home-grown, fresh vegetables year-round!


Fun fact: Did you know the end of summer is special for gardening because you can plant crops that thrive both in hot and cool climates?

Pretty cool, huh? Now - Let's get to it!

How-to Get Started Planting a Fall Garden

1. Find yard space that is in direct sun for up to 6 hours, and is in shade for the remainder of the day. Partial shade helps avoid burnt seedlings as soon as they sprout.  (Grow, babies, grow!)

2. Prepare the land to cultivate crops, by plowing/ using a rake. This helps soil drain more easily and pulls up nutrient-rich native soil. Improve soil by mixing in compost. 

3. Select fall crop variety, and get seeds. (List of recommended fall varieties below)

4. Always water crops regularly! (See my post on watering tips!)

Benefits of Starting a Fall Garden:

  • Zero-chance of frost

  • Lowers chance of mold, mildew, root rot, (which can happen in Spring's cold, wet, and moist weather)

  • Seeds germinate and grow quickly in warm soil in Summer weather

  • Longer hours of sunlight

  • Warm, humid Summer nights

Plant Varieties to Buy to Get Started:

[Non-affiliate links included, I highly recommend shopping small at Strictly Medicinal Seeds!]


Cauliflower is a temperamental crop and can be planted in almost any climate. Takes around 55-80 days to mature and produce a white head, from seed it requires 70-120 days.  


4-6 weeks to grow from seed indoors, add to the garden in mid-summer for a lovely fall harvest.


Soft leaves that flourish in warm weather, prefer mostly shade.

Kale (Brassica Oleracea) [Linked]

Kale flourishes in cold temperatures, and actually gets sweaters after enduring frosts! The cold converts it’s starched into sugars in the stems and leaves. Plant 6-8 weeks before the first frost.


Grow best in half shade/ half sun. The warm Summer weather will help herb seeds shoot up in as little as 14 days.

Carrots (Daucus Carota var. Sativus) [Linked]

Carrots are perfect for a hearty, cozy, autumn stew! Plant carrots for a fall harvest, they thrive in the late summer heat. 

Author's Note: I recommend avoiding peppers and tomatoes for a fall garden because they are sensitive to temperature change.

There are so many possibilities for an abundant, Fall harvest!

Do you have a fall vegetable garden? 

Please share your favorite gardening tips below.

Happy Gardening!

- Hailee


Sharing a few pics from my garden:

The far left photo shows Finn observing three (3) ABSOLUTELY ROASTED Mint plants.

The Center and far-right photo show Finn and Bobo enjoying their cat grass patch.

Baby basil seedling!

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