Explore Cincinnati with Under Cover Book Club

Looking for a thrilling, book-ish adventure around Cincinnati?

Look no further because Cincinnati's community of bookworms indulge in more than your average book clubs - Try out this scavenger hunt for books!

One book-ish lady has taken it into her own hands to share the love of words and her hometown by hiding freshly published books [gifted by the publishers] around the Queen City. Local teacher, and Founder of Under Cover Book Club (UCBC), Samantha Evans, started a book-based scavenger hunt across Cincinnati where hunters follow social media for coordinates, photos, and other hints to find books.

Under Cover Book Club is a novel-based scavenger hunt in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Every week, books are hidden around Cincinnati for readers to find using social media to locate coordinates and follow "clever" clues.

I interviewed Samantha to learn more about Under Cover Book Club. I also became a Patreon supporter!y Billy-Ray Belcourt, "Ramifications" by Daniel Saldana Paris, "The Family Clause" by Jonas Hassan Khemini, "Sharks in the Time of Saviors" by Kawai Strong Washburn, and "White Tears/Brown Scars" by Ruby Hamad.

I interviewed Samantha to learn more about Under Cover Book Club. I also became a Patreon supporter!

Visit UCBC on her website, Instagram, Twitter, GoodReads, or Facebook page. All are @undercover513.

If you decide to join in on the book scavenger hunt, enter your book on the website, or tag her using the hashtag #foundthewords513 on all social media platforms. While you are on UCBC's website, donate or become an Under Cover Book Club member today!


So, how do you choose the perfect hiding place?

It used to depend on the day, my mood, what part of town I’d be in for errands, etc. In the beginning, I would get in my car and drive around until I found a spot I liked or that “called out to me.” There is so much of Cincinnati I haven’t explored yet, so I liked seeing where the road would take me. If I’m limited on time, I’ll look up some places and map out a loop to be as efficient as possible. And recently, I’ve started picking a different neighborhood every week and choosing spots there. The benefit of that is I go to areas that I normally wouldn’t venture out to, and scavengers don’t have to plan their whole day around a wild goose chase!

What types of books do you typically hide? Have you hidden any books by local authors?

When I started UCBC, I didn’t really think I had a “type.” But then, one day, someone said that I was only hiding books by female authors. This was not intentional, but it made me wonder if it would have been noticeable if I had only hidden books by men, which, unfortunately, I don’t think it would have. I truly want to support anyone and everyone who has a story to tell, and if it’s a début, I’m even more amped to get that work out into the world. Tiffany McDaniel is an Ohio native, and her book The Summer That Melted Everything was the first book I ever hid for UCBC. She’s such an incredible writer, and I don’t think I would have found out about her until I started this club, and I just recently hid her second novel, Betty, which has been one of my favorites this year! TaraShea Nesbit is an assistant fiction and non-fiction professor at Miami University, and I had the privilege of hiding her latest book, Beheld in August! 

Do you coordinate the hiding spots and/or books with local businesses?

I intended to start doing this year, but normally I’ll hide books at businesses and then (if I remember) tag them once all the books have been found. There are so many amazing things happening in Cincinnati, so I’d definitely love to do more collaborations with local businesses in the future.

What’s your favorite reading spot in Cincinnati?

My bed, haha! I often envision myself reading on a vast green landscape somewhere, but more often than not, I do this fun rotation of nap, cat snuggles, read, and on and on it goes. 

How can your scavenger hunt help the Cincinnati community during the pandemic? 

A few people have reached out to say that hunting for books gave them an excuse to leave the house. Others have said that finding a book has made their day. I think we can all use a bit of joy right now, and I’m happy to help with that in any way I can. I’ve also tried to make it a point to hide books at local businesses while they’re open, so that way, if someone has found a book, they have the potential to become a patron for the business, too! 

Happy Hunting! Thanks for visiting Short, Sweet, and to the Point.com!

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